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To my fellow travel junkies, creators, dreamers, and everyone else in between:

I go by Camille but for namesake you can refer to me as Globetrot Blonde. I wanted to create a page where people can come to be inspired while also learning a few tricks of the trade. There is nothing more that I love in this world than traveling, and not the kind of “stay at a Hilton and plan out every second of a trip in an excel spread sheet” type of experience. When I travel, you can bet I’ll be the person who leaves the group and wanders off into some hole-in-the-wall bar in Berlin and the next thing you know I’m slamming glass boots full of beer with a group of extremely large German men screaming “PROST” (that is German for cheers.) I know I know, enough of the rant. Let me get back on track. I want to help all of you, yes YOU, achieve your traveling dreams and come along the ride for mine. My life is an open book, and I believe that sharing experiences is one of the best ways to expand your mind. So I invite all of you to comment and converse on anything I post, I rarely get offended so take your best shot.

I am a senior at San Diego State University (slowly dying from senioritis, anyone else feel my pain?). I am studying Business with and emphasis in marketing; I have been an accountant and recently started working at a bank. Some days I want to work my way up the corporate latter and focus on my career, and other days I want to sell every single possession I own and move to Thailand with no plans and no idea of what I am going to do tomorrow. Do you guys ever feel this way? These are the kind of conversations I want to take place. I want to talk about the pressures we face everyday to succeed, but should we compromise our own happiness? Ah sorry, I’m getting too deep aren’t I? Those are the questions your mind randomly comes up with when it’s 2AM and you’re trying to sleep.

Thanks for reading,

XO Globetrot Blonde